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The Hermitage Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Core Values are:  

·     Participating in Liturgically-based Worship & Music

·     Learning & Growing in Faith

·     Caring for One Another

·     Helping Those in Need

·     Coming Together in Fellowship


The Hermitage Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) seeks to support each other and those of the surrounding community through life’s challenges in order for the gracious love of God to be experienced.


Hermitage Presbyterian Church had its beginning in a small, one-room log schoolhouse on Lebanon Turnpike a short distance east of the present church.  As often as the Rev. Andrew Hodge would visit, the community, led by Rachel Jackson, would gather in the cabin to hear the Word of God preached.  In 1819, the building burned to leave the community without a school or a place to worship.


In 1839 the church was renamed Hermitage Presbyterian Church, and Andrew Jackson joined the church. Fire struck again in February of 1965 leaving just the walls of the building standing. (The building has now been restored and may be visited at Tulip Grove at The Hermitage).



In 1824 Rev. Hodge dedicated the “Ephesus Church,” which was built by the community on ground given by Andrew Jackson; Rachel Jackson was one of the eight charter members.  Eight years later the church joined the Nashville Presbytery. 


In September 1965, the Hermitage Church acquired its present site in an exchange of land with the Ladies Hermitage Association.  The ground was broken in March 1967 for the present sanctuary by Mr. C. L. Winn, a great, great-grandson of Andrew Jackson; and the congregation had their first service in the new building in December 1968.  We continue the commitment of the congregation to the tradition of the education and spiritual development of the Hermitage community.

  written by —  W. E. (Putt) Hunt



A Presbyterian Church is led by a session composed of ruling elders in active service. We have six ruling elders on session, staggered in classes of two over three years:

Class of 2024 ---- Rick Harnack and Nancy Abbott

Class of 2025 ---- Jeff McCann and Sharon Bragg

Class of 2026 ---- Sandra Jost and Hank Sweetman

Clerk of Session/Treasurer ---- Jeff McCann

The work of the church is accomplished, in conjunction with the session, by two active teams:

 Ministry Oversight and Evaluation Team        

    Moderator: Warren Bragg


Business Team: 

    Moderator:    Mike Case

Pastor & Staff

Pastor Leslie.JPG


Reverend Leslie Traylor



Amy Alley

Nursery Attendant

Sandra Riggan

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