The power of perspective

Most of the satisfaction and fulfillment in life comes from the way we look at things.

When we confront a challenge or an obstacle, do we think that is reason to stop in our tracks ( I know I have done that at times – even sat down and cried)? Or do we see that roadblock as a “Balaam’s donkey” (see Numbers 22, or even Wikipedia)? Is this a reason to give up? Or a cause for creativity?

One of you all said that CoVid19 was going to stretch us in new ways – I already see fruit – online meetings, streaming worship, telephone voice contact – we are becoming stronger as a church.

That’s on the corporate level. What about on the individual level?

I’m sure you have heard that the word “crisis” in Chinese characters is the combination of two characters – “dangerous” + “opportunity.” And I heard this week – “within the word ‘emergency’ is the word ‘emerge.’” My momma say “necessity is the mother of invention.”

During this time of forced isolation, new habits and routines will appear in our lives. Some of those routines just fill up empty space and time. More reading? Sewing? Gardening? Cooking? Finding new ways to order groceries? Thanks-giving? Talking to each other?

In the process of new things emerging in my life, every old thing comes under scrutiny. Is this something I want to stay in my life for the long-term? Or is this something I no longer need?

Friends, we have the time now to examine how we are living; our habits and rituals must go through a sifting process. But in this sifting, we must be willing to let God do the sifting. Let God tell us what we need to keep, and what we let go of.

That is a new application for me of Jesus’ words: “Those who try to make their life secure will lose it, but those who lose their life will keep it. (Lk. 17:33 NRSV)”

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